No mangoes available at affordable prices

In panaji, there are plenty of mango trees, and in april they are full of mangoes
Yet there are no mangoes available at an affordable price
One fruit seller, was changing Rs 500 per dozen for a better variety
Totatpuri mangoes were available for Rs 400 for a dozen.
There are so many unemployed people, they could easily collect the mangoes and sell them

Oranges priced at Rs 110 per kg in Panaji

After nearly ten days of lockdown, citizens are able to purchase some fruits in panaji, goa
The fruits are fairly expensive with Oranges priced at Rs 110 per kg in Panaji, earlier they were costing Rs 70 per kg
Bananas were not available they are sold out despite going to the store at 8 am.
Lack of fruits is adversely affecting the health of some citizens, it is difficult to some types of work.