Cheap mangoes available at panaji bus stand

The domain investor likes eating mangoes, but it is not easy to find suppliers of mangoes in panaji
Only at panaji bus stand the domain investor found a mango seller at a affordable price
In march 2021, the mango seller was selling 4-5 mangoes for Rs 100
A few of the mangoes were sweet, others were chemically ripened

Though each chikoo is costing more than Rs 10 each, many chikoos are wasted.

Almost all fruits are very expensive in panaji, goa, and the price of chikoos is often Rs 10 or more per chikoo
There are also a large number of chikoo and other fruit trees in panaji and other areas.
No one is plucking the chikoos, they fall to the ground and are wasted.
People complain about lack of jobs, yet collecting and selling the fruits is a good way to make money

Large number of bora fruit wasted, people can sell them for money

housing company tshwane jobs

housing company tshwane jobs

Bora is a fruit which grows profusely in goa, the plant has large thorns
Near the entrance to the home science college in campal area, there is a big tree which is laden with fruit.
No one is plucking the bora, they fall to the ground and are wasted.
People complain about lack of jobs, yet collecting and selling the fruits is a good way to make money

After papaya seeds were used to replace the cut plants, only seedless papayas being sold.

Due to the hatred of a local politician in panaji, all the plants in the front yard of the home of the domain investor were killed after making fake dengue allegations.
However, the domain investor had purchased a large number of papayas with seeds.
So she dumped all the papaya seeds in the front yard, and now the papaya plants are growing well.
This has upset someone very powerful
He is ensuring that all the papaya the domain investor purchases in panaji are seedless

Shops in goa selling sweet tamarinds imported from Thailand


One of the newer items which is being sold in many vegetable shops in goa, especially panaji are sweet tamarinds which are imported from Thailand
These tamarinds are sold in boxes with a transparent window.
The tamarinds are expensive with the retail price printed at Rs 150 for some tamarind boxes
Other tamarind boxes have a retail price of Rs 130.
However, the shop owner is selling the tamarinds for Rs 100
The tamarinds inside are full tamarinds, with the skin and seeds, just like those from trees
There are no local tamarind sellers in goa, whose produce is sold in local shops.
Please note that raw/cbi employees especially goan bhandari sunaina chodan, sindhi scammer naina chandan, riddhi nayak caro, siddhi mandrekar are not associated with the website in any way at all.

One guava priced at Rs 69 in panaji, goa

NTRO, raw, cbi employees are quick to make fake allegations of black money against citizens, especially indian paypal account holders who withdraw cash from their bank account. Yet these well paid greedy selfish indian and state government employees forget that unlike the powerful government employees who can demand and get everything free as bribes, powerless private citizens have to pay for everything they purchase
In a small town like panaji, almost everything is very expensive. For example guavas are priced at Rs 150 a kilo,due to which one guava was costing Rs 69. When fruits are so expensive, can the indian and state government explain how citizens have black money.

gujju school dropout cbi employee naina chandan dumping a huge amount of watermelon waste in her other people’s house

Though the indian and goan government consider gujju school dropout cbi employee naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh a role model citizen, she is completely lacking civic sense.
During the lockdown the school dropout naina worshipped by the goan government appears to be eating a lot of watermelon and mango in her house.
Instead of putting the waste in a dustbin, the cbi employee is dumping all the water melon, mango waste in the front yard of the domain investors house. This is blocking access to the house
Any help in initially legal action to end the dumping of waste will be appreciated. Please send email to Photos of the waste dumping can be provided

It is an indication of the rot in indian, goan government, society that a person like naina who intentionally dumping waste in other people’s house, is considered a role model, high status and the government blindly believes all her lies.

No mangoes available at affordable prices

In panaji, there are plenty of mango trees, and in april they are full of mangoes
Yet there are no mangoes available at an affordable price
One fruit seller, was changing Rs 500 per dozen for a better variety
Totatpuri mangoes were available for Rs 400 for a dozen.
There are so many unemployed people, they could easily collect the mangoes and sell them

Oranges priced at Rs 110 per kg in Panaji

After nearly ten days of lockdown, citizens are able to purchase some fruits in panaji, goa
The fruits are fairly expensive with Oranges priced at Rs 110 per kg in Panaji, earlier they were costing Rs 70 per kg
Bananas were not available they are sold out despite going to the store at 8 am.
Lack of fruits is adversely affecting the health of some citizens, it is difficult to some types of work.

Lack of fruits adversely affecting health of people in panaji, goa

In goa, there has been a complete lockdown for 7 days since March 22, 2020 with curfew relaxed only for a few hours on March 24, 2020.
This is adversely affecting the health of senior citizens, diabetes patients who do not have access to fresh food, especially fruits and vegetables.
The health of a person depends to a large extent on the food they eat, Lack of proper nutritious food is likely to worsen the health of a large number of people, especially senior citizens, diabetes patients
In some areas of panaji, all the places selling fresh fruits are closed. People who eat a lot of fresh fruits are finding that their health is adversely affected.
There is no information on where citizens can get fresh food, especially fresh fruits, vegetables. Any information will be appreciated. Please send email to