Domain investor attacked using radiation weapons while shopping for fruits

Indicating the extent of the radiation torture, human rights abuses the domain investor faces, she was attacked viciously using radiation weapons when she was shopping for fruits on July 1, 2024.
It appears that the banking, domain fraudster raw/cbi employees are furious that their massive FINANCIAL FRAUD,SLAVERY racket has been exposed, and are doing everything possible to ruin the health of the domain investor, single woman engineer who they have ruthlessly cheated, exploited, robbed, criminally defamed for the last 14 years without being questioned.
In addition to causing insomnia at night, using radiation weapons, they or government employees hired, also attacked the domain investor when she was shopping for fruits, attacking the left leg. Even when the domain investor moved, to avoid the pain caused by the criminal attackers, the attacker was changing the position of the radiation beam to cause pain in the leg. So the domain investor quickly paid for the mango,banana and left to avoid further torture.