Feeling Ecstatic About My Future Home

I had no intention of moving at all. Where I live now is decent enough. It is not everything I want, but I have learned that life is all about compromising. At least, that is what I thought. When I looked at https://www.foretec.com/treasure-at-tampines-new-launch-in-singapore for a friend, I realized that I did not have to settle. My friend wanted a second opinion on a condo development that she was really interested in, so I told her I would look at it and give her my honest opinion on it. Well, my honest opinion is that this condo is where I want to live too!

Treasure at Tampines is definitely not compromising or settling for anything. It is a very modern development that has so many features and amenities that it seems unreal. It is definitely real though, as the website that I looked at for my friend had all the details. What is even better is the pictures that were on the site too. That showed me the inside of the condos, and I was smitten from the moment I saw them. The condo I live in now is very small. These rooms are spacious at Treasure at Tampines, and I knew moving there would definitely be moving up.

The nice thing too is that it is not that far from where I work. My work commute would not be cut down much, but it also would not be added to. In fact, it would be more convenient because there is more access to public transportation where Treasure for Tampines is located. When I told my friend that it was everything she hoped for, she was happy. When I told her I was going to put in my application too, she was ecstatic. I have to admit that is how I am feeling now too!