Benefits Of Buffet-Style Catering

Hiring a catering service for a party or other large event can take a lot of pressure off the hosts. However, even when a catering service is in charge of the food, the host will still have some decisions to make in terms of what food and beverages are served and how. One easy option that works for most events is a catered buffet. The following are some of the top reasons to consider buffet-style catering.

Guests Can Enjoy A Variety Of Foods

A buffet can offer more choices to guests than a plated meal, which limits guests to just one set of options. A buffet allows guests to sample different dishes and have exactly what they want. This is especially beneficial when catering for guests with various dietary limitations, such as a vegetarian or gluten-free diet needs. For example, a vegetarian guest can choose only vegetables from a buffet with many side dishes.

Guests Can Choose Their Portion Size

When guests are served a meal on a plate, they don’t get to choose the portion they receive. Hungry guests may leave the table unsatisfied, while others may leave food uneaten if they’re not very hungry or don’t like their chosen meal. A buffet is the best way to accommodate different appetites and eating preferences because it allows people to take as much as they want of the foods they enjoy.

Guests Can Move Around And Socialize

Traditional table service encourages guests to stay in their seats, but a buffet gives people a reason to get up and move around. This can make a party more sociable because people can meet and interact with a wider variety of other guests when they’re going back and forth from the table to the buffet. Buffet catering is especially well-suited to outdoor events.

Buffet Catering Is A Budget-Friendly Option

Another benefit of buffet-style catering is that it costs less than table service since fewer staff members are needed to serve the food. That means the majority of the cost of a buffet meal goes into the quality of the food preparation. Check out catering services by Select Catering to learn more about buffet options and costs.