The Church Party Was So Much Fun

Every year, we throw a party for the members of our church. It is a large church with an average attendance of around 200 people. This year, we had a benefactor who wanted to add something special to our party by having professional Christmas entertainment performers there. Not many people know who this person is, but I had to hear the details of what he wanted so I am one of the few who did. When he told me that he wanted the kids to have a lot of fun, but he also wanted the adults to walk away feeling incredible too, I realized what a blessing he was giving to all of us.

He showed me the website for a company that has a wide variety of Christmas performers. I knew that the kids would love the games that are available, and I also knew that their parents would love to have a keepsake of the special day. With the budget that we had for this, I was able to set up one section of the venue for games. I also set up an area for the artists who were going to create the keepsake gifts for the parents.

The fun did not end there though. We had acrobatics performing dances and tricks for everyone in attendance. There was also a photo booth with props so people could have as many fun reminders of the party that way too. I think everyone’s favorite part though were the men and women who were dressed up in fancy Victorian dresses and suits. They sang quite a few of our favorite Christmas songs, and everyone joined in. It was just a very heartwarming scene mixed with a lot of fun with the other activities. I am so thankful for the man who made all of this possible.