I Have Started Thinking About My Big Move

It is a simple idea and I have been thinking about it really hard. I already have most of what I need, a pick up truck and a cell phone with many of the tools that you would need to be an emergency plumber in Essex county NJ. Of course I am already a regular plumber, and like a lot of people I have trouble getting along with my boss. You might think that I am perhaps the one that is difficult to get along with, which is not something without merit. However there are maybe three dozen people working for him and not one of them can stand the guy. That includes a couple of his close relations of the man. Most of all he and I disagree on travel expenses. We do a lot of work that is a long ways from the shop, several hours in fact.

So far as I am concerned when a man leaves the shop he is on the clock until he gets back, aside from breaks and lunch. He only wants to pay us one way, but when you are spending twenty or so hours on the road every week and you only get paid for ten that is a big deal to me. I want to get paid for the trip home. In this case for example we are leaving the shop at five in the morning, then we are working for eight or ten hours and getting back at around 7 PM. We play rock paper scissors to see who drives home, all of ready to sleep all the way back to the shop. I am not really that big on going on like that, so I am thinking that it is time for me to do something else and maybe doing it on my own.