I Am Back in the States Now

I am back in the states ever since the start of the winter, although so far I have not been settled any place for more than a few days. I did get really lucky when I ran into my old roommate from college. He talked me into giving him a hundred dollars to bet on a bahis siteleri in a three soccer match parley. I had been drinking at the time when I ran into him at a bar, so I was not thinking all that clearly. I think that I had drank five beers in about an hour and fifteen minutes. I was mostly concerned with this college girl I had been talking to and buying drinks for. At any rate I just gave him the money to get rid of him, although I did know that he was actually pretty good at gambling and usually only did this sort of thing when he was relatively sure of himself.

At any rate he texted me a few days later and asked me how I wanted my winnings. At the time I had totally forgotten the entire thing and it took me about fifteen minutes to remember that I had given him a hundred bucks to get rid of him. Of course he wanted to give me around two hundred and sixty bucks. I asked him if he had any more strong feelings. Obviously getting a three match parley is a big risk. However if you can actually hit one then you can make a really big pay day. Obviously I would not feel too bad about risking a couple of hundred dollars that I won for no real reason of my own. Of course I am still more interested in the college girl, unfortunately that is just the one of us.